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Customize bet slider options

The bet slider options are a great way of customizing the bet slider and allow you to quickly bet your preferred amount.

From the main lobby, go to:

  • More → Settings → Gameplay → Bet Slider

The Incremental Adjustments allow you to choose between increasing bet sizes with the big blind or with the small blind.

Turning on 'Jump to Clicked Position' means that when you click on the bar, the slider will move to where you clicked - helpful for fast bet sizing. If this option is disabled, the click will move the slider for one big or small blind, depending on what you chose for the 'Incremental Adjustments' option.

'Invert Mouse Wheel' inverts the function of the mouse wheel: scrolling up decreases the bet size, and scrolling down increases it.

Activating 'Bet Slider Shortcut Buttons' will display buttons with bet sizes above the bet slider. Selecting them at the table will quickly adjust your preferred bet size.


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