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Play Money Cash Game Leader Boards Explanation

This promotion is not open to all players! Please check our website or the Leader Boards tab in the main lobby to see if this is available to you

Every week players can pick from three Play Money Leader Boards - all with guaranteed weekly first-place prizes ranging from 50 Million to 1 Billion chips!

Each of them allows you to earn points based on a range of stakes, so no matter your balance or skill level, there is one for you. 

They start at 00:00 ET every Monday and end at 23:59 ET on Sundays. The Leader Boards and stakes are divided as follows:

  1. Elite Leader Board – with points earned at stakes of 250K/500K or higher
  2. Masters Leader Board – with points earned at stakes of 25K/50K and 100K/200K
  3. Challenger Leader Board – with points earned at stakes of 1K/2K and 5K/10K

Also, take into account the following:

  • One (1) point is credited to players that have seen the flop.
  • An additional point is credited to players that win the hand (including split pots).
  • No points are credited for hands that finish before the flop.
  • Heads-up games are excluded. A minimum of three (3) players must be dealt in for a hand to award points.
  • In a potential split pot situation, a win is awarded to the hand with more chips than with which they started.
  • Points can only be earned in NLHE games, excluding Zoom.
  • In the event of a tie in points, positioning will be decided by who reached the final total first. For example, if player A reaches 50 points on Tuesday and player B reaches 50 points on Wednesday – player A will be in the higher position.

Remember you can compete in as many of the Leader Boards as you want, giving you plenty of chances to win big!


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