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Receiving and using Star Codes

There are two ways to get a Star Code:

  1. Public promotions: These are open to everyone. When they're offered you can find the Star Code on our website.
  2. Exclusive promotions: These are open to players selected by our Marketing Department according to certain promotional strategies.

If you're eligible for an exclusive Star Code offer, we'll be in touch via email, SMS, or pop-up message.

To activate a Star Code, log in to your account and follow these instructions:


Go to ToolsStar Code.


Open the app menu and select Settings & ToolsAccountEnter Star Code.


If you only have access to an iOS device, we advise that you use the desktop version of our software as an alternative option. There's a technical issue with the link for iOS devices and our developers are working towards resolving this issue as soon as possible.

PokerStars NextGen

This function is not available yet. To enter the Star Code, you need to start a new session on our website and go to SettingsStar Code.

If you're browsing through our website

Star Codes

Once the Star Code is entered, it should be approved within a few minutes.

Check out the following videos on how you can use your Star Code (only available in English):



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