Are you a Play Money billionaire?

If so, you are eligible to join the Billionaire Club, an exclusive VIP program open to players who have achieved at least one billion Play Money chips!

Once you are a part of the Billionaire Club, you can enjoy the benefits of membership for six months.

What benefits do Billionaire Club members receive?

Billionaire Club membership gives you the following:

  • Free entry to the Sunday Billion every week
  • Direct access to our Play Money Poker Room Management team
  • Advance notice of new products and promotions
  • Additional giveaways, including special tournament entries
  • Eligibility for the Billionaire Club World Rankings (optional)

How to join the Billionaire Club

You will be automatically enrolled in the Billionaire Club if you have achieved a billion play chips. Players will be notified of their inclusion in the first week of each calendar month, and the membership will last for a minimum of one month.

See how you stack up in the Billionaire Club World Rankings

Updated on a weekly basis, the Billionaire Club World Rankings list only those players with the most Play Money chips. Players must be a club member and have at least 250 million chips to appear on the rankings, and need to opt-in to have their progress tracked. Eligible players can opt-in by entering the Star Code ‘RANKME’, or by emailing the dedicated Billionaire Club email address. Do you have what it takes to reach the top?

Please Note: We reserve the right to amend the Billionaire Club at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, the benefits of membership, the criteria for joining and the duration of the promotion.

Contact Support if you have any questions about the Billionaire Club.