StreamBoat: Win an incredible holiday this September!

StreamBoat is setting sail once again! Your favourite poker streamers are preparing for an amazing holiday on the British Virgin Islands and you have a unique opportunity to join them!

From September 3-24, the StreamBoat will be sailing around the idyllic location of the British Virgin Islands. There’s going to be lots of poker, lots of streaming and lots of fun.

Bill Perkins, Jeff Gross, Matt Staples, Kevin Martin and Jaime Staples will choose up to six people to join them. Play any of the StreamBoat freerolls running on PokerStars for a chance to send your video and be considered by the StreamBoat Crew!

The best candidates will be invited to the StreamBoat during the week of September 11-17 with flights and accommodation included.

StreamBoat Freerolls

  • Bill Perkins and Jeff Gross will each host a special Home Game freeroll (see schedule below).
  • Play Money chips will be added to the prize pool.
  • All players will be eligible to send their videos and have the streamers consider you to join the adventure!

Pick me!

  • Each freeroll player is invited to prove to the streamers why they should join the crew. You must submit a video explaining why you should be picked, why you want to go, and what ideas you have to make the week more fun!
  • Two candidates selected from each of the freerolls will be selected to join the streamers on the British Virgin Islands.
  • Winners will be announced on September 7.
  • Winners must be able to travel at any time during the week of September 11 to 17. 
  • Flights and accommodation is included in the prize and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!


StreamBoat2 Freerolls
DateTimeHostHome Game Club IDHome Game PasswordExtra prizes
August 30 20:00 CEST Bill Perkins 2105403 singularity 66 Million Play Money chips
September 1 20:00 CEST Jeff Gross 1996486 Jeff Gross 66 Million Play Money chips

How do I join a Home Game club?

Go to More’ > Home Games’ > ‘Join a Poker Club.

Insert the Home Game Club ID and the Invitation Code (in the table above) and your name.

As soon as the owner of the club approves your request you will be able to register into any games or tournaments in the club.

Meet the StreamBoat Crew

Terms & Conditions

1. Details of Promotion

1.1 This Promotion will commence from the August 21, 2017 until September 19, 2017. (“Duration”). 

1.2 To participate, you must:

(a)  log onto the Client, register to play and participate in any one of the following privately hosted home games (“Home Games”) on the date(s) and the time(s) shown:  

Host/ Organiser ClientDateTimeHome Game Club IDPasswordQualificationWinner Announcement
Bill Perkins .net August 30 20:00 CET 2105403 Singularity All participants September 7
Jeff Gross .net September 1 20:00  CET 1996486 Jeff Gross All participants

(b) after playing in the Home Game, you must submit an audio-visual recording (no more than 60” (sixty seconds) in duration) (“Video”) telling us who you are and why you should be chosen to attend ‘Streamboat2.’ Collectively, your participation in the Home Game and submission of your Video will count as 1 (one) entry (“Entry”).

1.3 Please upload your Video on Twitter using the handle of the relevant organiser of the Home Game  + ‘#streamboat2.’ Videos will be judged on their unique creativity and humour.

1.4 The organisers of each Home Game will choose 1 (one) Video as the winner who will be selected to attend the Streamboat event which will take place from 11th – 17th September on the British Virgin Islands, all as set out in Clause 2 below (the “Event”).

1.5 You can submit just one Entry throughout the whole Promotion, receipt of which must be by the relevant deadline:

Bill Perkins .net September 1 20:00 CET
Jeff Gross .net September 3 20:00 CET

2. Prize

2.1 Each selected winner will receive:

(a) 1 x return economy flight to St.Thomas in the British Virgin Islands; and

(b) 3 nights’ board and accommodation at a hotel in St. Thomas.

2.2 If you are awarded the Prize but unable to claim it for any reason, the Prize will be forfeited and reallocated to the next applicable participant.

2.3 You must possess a valid travel document and be free and able to travel for the period September 11 to 17, 2017 (inclusive) if you wish to participate in this Promotion.  It is your responsibility to apply for and obtain any applicable visa(s) you may need if you are selected to receive the Prize.

2.4 For the avoidance of doubt, Prizes are non-transferable and may not be given, assigned, transferred or sold to any other person(s).

2.5 No Prize will not be awarded to you if for any reason you are not permitted by applicable law to use or receive the Prize on offer.

2.6 Any Entrant in receipt of a Prize as part of this Promotion bears sole responsibility for all duties, taxes or charges that may be payable any relevant authority in relation to their receipt of the Prize in accordance with applicable laws. 

3. Eligibility

3.1 To participate in this Promotion, you must be 18 years of age or of applicable legal age of majority in the jurisdiction you reside in (whichever is the greater). 

3.2 PokerStars reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary against you if you are found to be in breach of this Agreement and/or if you have acted deceitfully or dishonestly with respect to your participation in this Promotion and such action may include but shall not be limited to exclusion, suspension or disqualification from the Promotion.

3.3 The decision as to what activity or behaviour constitutes a breach of the Agreement shall rest with PokerStars in its sole discretion.

3.4 You must not submit any Video, the content of which contravenes the prohibitions set out in Clause 4 below.

4. Warranties and representations

4.1 With respect to any and all content appearing in, used within or that forms part of your Video which you submit to us as your Entry (“Content”), you hereby warrant and undertake that:

(a) you have created such Content yourself , you alone are solely responsible for the Content contained therein  and that  you have  obtained all necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions from, or are authorised by the owner of any or all parts of such Content to include the same in the Video Clip without restriction; and

(b) You or the owner of any or all of the Content contained in the Video , legitimately own the copyright including all other rights in such Content and by submitting the Video to us  as your Entry, you are grant us an unconditional, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully transferable, perpetual worldwide licence to use, publish or transmit, or to authorise third-parties to use, publish or transmit the Video (including all Content contained therein) in any format and on any platform, either now known or hereinafter invented without any remuneration whatsoever.

4.2 You warrant that your video (including any content contained therein) shall not  contain or include or make use of anyone under the age of 18 (eighteen) years of age, be racist, obscene, derogatory, threatening in  nature, harassing, libelous, deceptive, fraudulent, invasive of another person’s privacy, offensive, defamatory of any person or otherwise contain or condone anything illegal. You warrant that the video that you submit to us does not infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other intellectual or proprietary or privacy right of any party or individual. You agree not to include any material  within the video: (i) which is intended to upset or harm other users; (ii) that victimises, harasses,  abuses, degrades, or intimidates an individual or group of individuals on the basis of any impermissible classification, including, without limitation, religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, color, creed, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship, age, marital status, military status or disability; (iii) that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files, or programs designed to interrupt, destroy, or limit the functionality of the site  or any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment; (iv) that would constitute, or would otherwise encourage, criminal conduct or give rise to civil liability; or (v) which is intended for commercial purposes, including, without limitation, submitting any material to solicit funds or to promote, advertise or solicit the sale of any goods or services.

4.3 You acknowledge that when you send us your Entry you will do so at your own discretion and risk and that you are solely liable and fully liable for any Content contained therein.  You further acknowledge and agree that the views expressed by you in relation to your Video does not in any way reflect the views of PokerStars and we do not support or endorse any Content contained in any Video. You acknowledge that we have no obligation to pre-screen, monitor, review, or edit any Content contained in your Video submitted by you in relation to this Promotion.

4.4 Following the submission of your Entry, we or third parties acting on our behalf, reserve the right to refuse to publish, take down, cut, crop or edit your Video at our sole discretion and we are under no obligation to upload, broadcast and/or transmit your Video Clip on our Site or in any media.

5. Health and safety

5.1 You must comply with all health and safety guidelines and/or instructions as may be given by PokerStars or which you should otherwise be aware of concerning your participation in this Promotion and adhere to any applicable legal and regulatory requirements as necessary. Failure to comply with any direction given may result in your disqualification from the Promotion.

5.2 You must take all reasonable steps to ensure your own health and safety when taking part in any events or activities forming part of the Promotion including but not limited to the creation of your Video Clip. Any behaviour or act or conduct by you which PokerStars considers to pose any medical, security or safety risk (including without limitation any abusive behaviour, physical or psychological) will lead to your immediate disqualification.

6. Limitations of liability

6.1 By participating in the Promotion you hereby agree to release, discharge and

hold harmless PokerStars, its legal representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries, agencies and respective officers, directors, employees and agents, from any costs, expenses damages, losses claims, actions or proceedings brought by you (or any third party on your behalf) (“Claims”), as a result  of your participation in this Promotion and PokerStars fully excludes any liability in relation to any such Claims.  This limitation does not include any liability on the part of PokerStars to you for: (i) negligence; (ii) death or personal injury arising out of Pokerstars’ negligence or the negligence of its employees; (iii) fraudulent misrepresentation; or (iv) any liability that cannot be excluded or limited by applicable law.

6.2 Save as permitted under Clause 6.1 above, you acknowledge and agree that, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, regardless of the form of action, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, in no event will PokerStars or its affiliates, including, without limitation, their respective officers, directors, employees, successors and assigns, be liable to you or any party for: (i) any indirect, special, exemplary, punitive, incidental, consequential (including, but not limited to, damages for business interruption, loss of business and other profits, loss of programs, cost of replacing equipment or software or loss of records, information or data), or any other damages arising in any way from or in relation to your participation in this promotion (or inability to do the same), even if PokerStars shall have been advised of the possibility of such damages; or (ii) any claim attributable to errors, omissions, or other inaccuracies in the promotion.

6.3 PokerStars shall not be liable to you to perform any of its obligations under the Promotion where it is unable to do so as a result of circumstances beyond its reasonable control and whilst PokerStars may endeavour to provide an alternative Prize, it shall not be liable to compensate any Entrant where it fails to do so in such circumstances.

6.4 You hereby agree to indemnify PokerStars, its legal representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries, agencies and respective officers, directors, employees against all costs, losses, damages, expenses and liabilities (including for loss of reputation and goodwill and professional advisors fees) suffered by PokerStars arising as a result of a breach by you of your obligations under these Rules, the Terms and Conditions or in connection with your failure to follow any instructions given by PokerStars or in relation to any matter concerning your participation in the Promotion.

7. Miscellaneous

7.1 By participating in the Promotion, you hereby grant to PokerStars (or authorised third parties acting on its behalf), the right to use your Video your name, likeness, voice and image in marketing and promotion campaigns in any media whatsoever without compensation and you expressly waive any claims or right to any action against PokerStars pertaining to such use in any way.

7.2 In the case of disputes concerning any aspect of this Promotion including but not limited to all matters relating to the awarding of the Prizes and or these Rules and the Terms and Conditions, the final decision shall lie with PokerStars, and any decision by PokerStars shall be final and binding upon you and shall not be subject to review or appeal by you or any third party.

7.3 This Agreement represents the entire understanding between you and PokerStars relating to the Promotion and supersede all prior representations, agreements, negotiations or understandings (whether oral or in writing) between PokerStars and you. Except as specifically set out herein, all conditions, warranties, representations and terms (whether expressed or implied by law) are fully excluded. The invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability of the whole or any part of these Rules does not affect or impair the continuation in force of the remainder of the Rules.

7.4 PokerStars reserves the sole right, at any time, to alter these Rules, the Terms and Conditions including the right to cancel, modify or suspend the Promotion if PokerStars believes that the Promotion is not capable of being conducted as specified. Any changes to the Promotion shall be made on the Site and your continued participation in the Promotion shall be deemed an acceptance of any proposed changes, modification or alterations.

7.5 These Rules and any matters relating hereto shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with Isle of Man law.  You hereby irrevocably agree that, subject as provided below, the courts of the Isle of Man shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any claim, dispute or difference concerning this Promotion and any matter arising therefrom and irrevocably waive any right that you may have to object to an action being brought in those courts, or to claim that the action has been brought in an inconvenient forum, or that those courts do not have jurisdiction.  Nothing in this clause shall limit the right of PokerStars to take proceedings against you in any other court of competent jurisdiction, nor shall the taking of proceedings in any one or more jurisdictions preclude the taking of proceedings in any other jurisdictions, whether concurrently or not, to the extent permitted by the law of such other jurisdiction.

If you have any questions about Streamboat2, please contact Support.