Fear the Walking Dead

The Zombie Kill-Fest 3: Last Chance to Survive

How would you like to win amazing prizes for killing a load of zombies, again?

At PokerStars you can, because once again we’ve teamed up with the AMC Channel for the new season of their great show ‘Fear the Walking Dead’. This time, we’ll be taking two lucky winners to Sao Paulo for the BSOP Millions, for free!

The Zombie Kill-Fest 3 takes place every Monday

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ airs each Sunday at 22:00 (local time) on the AMC Channel. Then all you have to do is play the Zombie Kill-Fest 3 the day after the show airs. A word of warning: you'll need to watch the show each Sunday to get the password and then register for the freeroll before sunrise on Monday (registration closes at 06:00 ET on Monday morning). So don't be slow otherwise the walking dead will have you for breakfast!

Zombie Kill-Fest 3 is a bounty tournament - which means you get paid for every player you bust out. Just think of your opponents as zombies and you're the zombie killer! So go to work and kill all the zombies!

The 40 best zombie killers each week (the top 40 highest finishers) will then be entered into the Zombie Kill Fest 3 Grand Final on October 23 to compete for the BSOP Millions package.

Monday Kill-Fest: Every Monday from September 11-October 16 at 21:00 ET

  • Watch the show each Sunday to get the password
  • Register for the freeroll by 06:00 ET on Monday
  • Top 40 zombie killers (highest finishers) will be entered into the Zombie Kill-Fest Grand Final 3
  • You’ll get a $0.50 bounty for every zombie you bust out

The Zombie Kill-Fest 3 Grand Final: Stay Alive and Win

Monday nights are about how many zombies you kill but the Grand Final is about staying alive to the very end. This is another bounty tournament, but there are two main prizes for the winner of the tournament and the player with the most bounties. Both will get a package to the BSOP Millions. We’ve also added $3,200 to the prize pool, as this is still a zombie killer tournament, you’ll also get $10 for every player you bust out.

Zombie Kill-Fest 3 Grand Final takes place on October 23 at 21:00 ET

With higher stakes and higher rewards you can really sink your teeth into the BSOP Millions Main Event.

Terms & Conditions

  • The first placed winner in any of the bounty tournaments will receive their own bounty reward. Monday Kill-Fests award the top 40 winners with a place in the Grand Final. Bounties of $0.50 are given to any player you bust out.
  • Only one seat in the Grand Final per player - so if you finish in the top 40 in more than one week only the first time will count.
  • Local TV times may differ so please check your local TV listings.
  • In the event of a tie in the Grand Final, where more than one player killed the top amount of zombies, the player that finished higher in the tournament will receive the BSOP Millions package.
  • In the event of the Grand Final winner being the same player that killed more zombies (more bounties), that player will receive both packages.